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Golden Lake - Augsburg - Ruby

RATING:Moderate to moderate; some hills
START / FINISH:-Village of Golden Lake
-Park at North Algona Community Centre, corner of Hwy 60 and Lake Dore Rd
HIGHLIGHTS:-Golden Lake Village
-Pickwakanagan First Nation Community
SURFACE:-Pavement: 22.5 km
-Gravel: 22.5km
TIME ALLOWANCE:-Beginner: 4 hr
-Intermediate: 2.5 hr
-Advanced: 1.5 hr

This 45 km tour takes you from the Village of Golden Lake, through the Pikwakangan First Nation Community, to the hamlet of Augsburg, and the corners of Castile and Ruby. Pack a lunch, take your time, and enjoy the scenery. There are also plenty of options on this route if you are looking for a shorter tour.


  • Start ride by crossing Hwy 60 onto Kokomis Inamo.
  • Ride for 1 km and turn left onto Mishomis Inamo; follow this road for a total of 9 km; upon leaving the First Nation Community the road will become Crimson Maple Rd; from 4 km to 8 km this road is gravel.
  • At 10 km you will come to a T-intersection at the Salem Evangelical Church.
  • Turn left on Silver Lake Rd and continue following road around curve and go straight at the stop sign in Augsburg.
  • Continue straight for 2 km and turn at first right onto Risto Rd; turn right on Budd Rd for 1 km to T-intersection; turn left on Corrigan Rd.
  • Follow Corrigan Rd to T-intersection at Cormac Rd. The Corrigan Rd is hilly but worth the effort. At Cormac Rd it is a 1 km detour to the left into Cormac Village (site of the annual Cormac Pilgrimage and small store.)
  • Turn right on Cormac Rd for 4 km; turn right on Silver Lake Rd; the road turns to gravel.
  • Take Silver Lake Rd for 1 km and turn left on Wolfe Rd (at 30 km). Wolfe Rd travels downhill on hard packed dirt for 4.5 km.
  • At intersection turn right onto paved Ruby Rd for 10 km. Ruby Rd becomes Kokomis Inamo; follow this back to the village of Golden Lake.