Cultures of the Ottawa Valley

March 21st 2017 until April 25th 2017

Every Tuesday
Limited Tickets can be purchased at the Galilee Centre, 398 John St. N., ON

Weekly Topics include:

The Physical Environment of the Valley, Origins & Nature (March 21) - This lecture is based principally on the Geological Histroy of North America,on the teachings of the late Tuzo Wilson and on personal observations of the local environment.

The Native Adaptation to the Valley (March 28) - In this lecture we will mainly follow the discoveries of Canadian archaeologists regarding the development of local Native culture, supported by the documentary history built on the writings of the French missionaries and on local Native histories, especially the Algonquin.

The Fur Trade, its Aims, Methods and Effects (April 4) - This lecture will focus on the Ottawa Valley in its discussion of the fur trade. The sources are still those of France in America, the Jesuit relations and the journals of the governors of New France where they deal with the Ottawa and its inhabitants.

The Timber Trade & its Impact (April 11) - This lecture will focus on th challenges of the Ottawa Valley environment: the climate, the land, the forest, the neighbours, the Americans. Life in the clearing in the early years: survival and strife. Who settled where, the role of the timber trade in creating a distinct Ottawa Valley way of life.

The Settler's World - Evolution into the Valley Culture (April 18) - What you see as you travel the Ottawa Valley and what it means in history

Ottawa Valley Culture Today (April 25) - The growth of Ottawa Valley society from a patchwork of strangers into a coherent culture: The Studies of Alison Trew, Sheldon Posen and Dave Ennis on music and of Andre Lapierre, U. of Ottawa and Sali tagliamonte, University of Toronto on language lead our investigation into the language, music and architecture that are unique to the valley.

Presenter: Terry Currie; Was born in Fitzroy Township in 1939 and attended Arnprior and District High School. He stood out in languages and history and won several shcholarships which enabled him to attend St. Patrick's College in Ottawa. Terry embarked on a career as a high school teacher at Almonte Distict High School. In 2002, Terry fulfilled a life-long dream by returning to the University of Ottawa to obtain his Master of Histroy degree. Terry has presented numerous lectures about the History of the Ottawa Valley from Almonte to Arnprior to Pembroke. Currently Terry is working on two projects: the first, a history of Chat Falls and Fitzroy Harbour, nearly ready for publication, the second, a book version of his Ottawa valley history. He is presenting a continuation of the history series in the form of lectures called, "Cultures of the Ottawa Valley". He is also engaged as President of the Fitzroy Township Historical Society and is conducting a series of oral histories involving senior citizens of the community.
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