Rory MacKay and Michael Runtz present: Ashes, Singing Saws to Howling Wolves: How Lumbering Changed the Nature of the Ottawa Valley

April 28th 2017

Rory MacKay, author and long-time "student" of logging history, will transport us back 200 years to the rich forests of historic logging days while Carleton University teacher and naturalist Michael Runtz will interpret how the events and practices of those years brought about today’s array of plants and animals.

Combined, the duo make for a dynamic and informative evening on the human and natural history of our area.

“Over the past 200 years, there have been dramatic changes in the animal life of the Ottawa Valley,” notes Runtz. “Beavers, once so rare they were seldom seen, are now common. The type of wolves found around here changed not once but thrice. Moose were replaced by White-tailed Deer, and Bald Eagles, which became endangered, are now common sights.”

Expect great visuals, some with a special connection to Charles Macnamara, the local naturalist and amateur scientist extraordinaire in whose honour the Macnamara Nature Trail is named.

Proceeds from the event— one of Arnprior’s 150 events for Canada’s 150th — go to the Macnamara Nature Trail extension project.

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