Fall Adventures

Fall touring time in the Ottawa Valley!

Experience the crisp, cool peacefulness of the Ottawa Valley in the fall. As daylight fades and the seasons change, the wind’s gentle whisper can be heard throughout our forests. This is a time to feel alive! Let nature’s stunning palette inspire you as you the road less travelled.

Indulge in a smorgasbord of seasonal produce, meats and homemade delights at fall fairs, farmers' markets and Taste of the Valley events held across the region.

Corn as sweet as candy and pumpkins the size of giants are harvested for a feast of fun.




Fall Colours by Joyce Burkholder

Discover nature’s lush artistry as fall paints its striking reds, oranges and yellows across the land.

Photographers and artists looking for inspiration or to capture the spectacular colours of an Ottawa Valley fall on film or canvas are encouraged to take one of our many self-guided tours, such as the historic Opeongo Line or AY Jackson Trail.

ValleyExplore is your on-line resource for more information about self-guided tours and trails.

Want to know when leaves are at their peak colours? Check out the
Fall Colours Report!


For motorcycle enthusiasts looking to squeeze in one last ride before winter, check out our Motorcycle Routes of the Ottawa Valley.
Thousands of kilometres of winding and uncrowded country roads dotted with breathtaking vistas and scenic lookouts await to be discovered.
These routes are becoming so popular, Ontario Tourism recently named the Ottawa Valley as the #1 Destination for Fall Motorcycle Rides in Ontario!
Historic Opeongo Line Road



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