Ottawa Valley Cultural Mapping

The purpose of is to help build the capacity of local cultural professionals - and by extension local governments - to nurture and support cultural development in Pembroke and throughout the entire Ottawa Valley.

The City of Pembroke, County of Renfrew and the Ottawa Valley Tourist Association, together, support the work of artists and arts and cultural organizations and recognize the important contributions they make to our local economy. They not only contribute to its well-being and sustainability, they also help to attract new visitors and investors to our area.

Part of the Cultural Mapping Project was beginning the process of identifying important stories that spoke to the unique culture and identity of the region. The community was asked to identify important stories through a community survey and through regional Steering Committee meetings. Once the longer list of stories had been compiled from these two sources, the Steering Committee and partners of the project identified the stories across a range of themes.

Visitors to the Ottawa Valley are encouraged to use the Cultural Map as another tool to further explore the region and learn about our rich cultural assets.


Ottawa Valley Tourist Association