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Moths of Renfrew County
This checkist will give you an idea of the moths that have been identified in Renfrew County, mostly in the Round Lake area.

The study of moths is a difficult task.  You have to be a bit of a night owl for one thing.  Spreading moth specimens is very time consuming and there has been a growing number of moth enthusiasts who are photographing moths at lights or bait traps using the latest digital cameras.  There is now a web site (Moth Photographers Group) which is building a considerable database of photos sent in by volunteers to assist in the identification of live moths in a natural pose.  However, a large percentage of the collection is made up of moth specimens.

Jason Dombroskie compiled the bulk of this list of moths while residing in Round Lake Centre, so most of these moths are from the Round Lake area.  Other geographic areas will produce additional species and the overall tally of moths in Renfrew County will grow.

This checklist is arranged alphabetically by genus according to the latest available taxonomy and arranged by Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. It is meant to be printed on legal size paper in landscape view.