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Pembroke and area breeding birds
WPP birds.pdf
Westmeath Provincial Park and area breeding birds and migrants
ArnpriorArea_Bird List.pdf
Arnprior and area breeding birds
Renfrew _bird checklist.pdf
Renfrew and area breeding birds
Lake Dore and area breeding birds
Deacon Escarpment and area breeding birds
BPP summer bird Checklist.pdf
Bonnechere Provincial Park and area breeding birds
FoyPP summer birds.pdf
Foy Provincial Park and area breeding birds
Conroys Marsh and area breeding birds
Renfrew County bird occurrences
This file lists all birds seen in Renfrew County and gives location tips and times of occurrence.
Driftwood Provincial Park Breeding birds
Driftwood Provincial Park area breeding birds
Deep River area breeding birds

There is a long history of interest in recording the birdlife of Renfrew County.  The first record we have is from 1890... a Prairie Warbler collected from Lake Dore by by Rev. CWG Eifrig, later to become President of the Illinois Audubon Society.  Collecting birds continued into the 1900's as Hoyes Lloyd, a federal government ornithologist, and others were frequent visitors to Renfrew County, seeking study skins for museum collections.  By the 1960's, this method of collecting had become passé in Renfrew County and binoculars took over.

Bill Walker of Deep River started a list of birds in the late 1940's, all sighted within 3 miles of Deep River.  He saw many 'once only' Renfrew County sightings such as Chuck-will's-widow and Bewick's Wren.  Upon retirement in 1990, he left a considerable database of sightings.

Two Ontario Breeding Bird Atlasses have been completed since 1981.  These were five year volunteer studies that helped greatly in our understanding of the distribution of birds in the county.  Also, many birders have contributed records of vagrant and uncommon migrating birds, usually due to birding the same area over many years.