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START / FINISH:23 km from the West Gate along the Hwy 60 corridor.
TOTAL DISTANCE:55.3 km of classical trails.
- 4.7 km loop
-10.1 km loop
-17.1 km loop
-23.4 km loop
TRAIL FEES / MEMBERSHIP:Purchase daily vehicle permit at the Park Gate: $12


The Minnesing Trail network consists of four loops. They are all hilly and unsuitable for small children and unfit adults. The western or return side of each loop follows the old Minnesing Road, where the trail is smoother and the grades are less steep. Cabins are located at the start of the trail and on the return run of the second loop. The trail passes through hardwood forest, with views of three lakes along the route. Let your experience and ability determine your destination, route and travel speed.

How to get there

To find the trailhead of the Minnesing Ski Trails, travel 23 km from the West Gate of Algonquin Park, along the Hwy 60 corridor.


  • The Minnesing Trail network is well marked. Take along the map provided by Algonquin Provincial Park. The Minnesing Trail has four loops ranging in distance from 4.7 to 23.4 km. The trail is maintained for back-country wilderness skiing and is not groomed. Wide touring skis and large basket poles are essential for soft snow conditions.

Algonquin Provincial Park