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Grants Creek, Stonecliff

Difficulty:-Half-day trip easy. Full-day trip moderate.
Start/Finish:-3 km west of the village of Stonecliff on Hwy 17
Distance:-Easy half-day trip: 4 km to first portage and back.
-Moderate one-day trip: To the end of the marsh and back: 12 km.
-3 Portages: 200 (steep), 200m (very steep and rocky, 600m (flat and easy going)
Weather/Water Conditions:- Deep River. Full-day trip best after spring thaw and rain.
Portage Markings:- Poor.
Nearby Attractions:-Driftwood Provincial Park (Walking Guide).
-Brent Crater (Walking Guide)


This canoe route winds through small lakes, a large marsh (a provincially significant wetland) and includes rapids, a waterfall and plentiful wildlife, on the northern tip of Renfrew County. The headwater of Grants Creek begins from Chateau Lake located on the border of Algonquin Provincial Park and the creek travels 18 km to Grants Creek Bay on the Ottawa River. The creek is designated as a proposed Ontario Provincial Park due to its ecological importance. The easy half-day trip takes you 4 km return to a pleasant picnic and swimming spot. The full-day trip is 12 km return, with 3 portages, through a winding creek, small lakes and a large marsh. Paddle by an active Great Blue heronry and watch for ducks and Double-Crested Cormorants. Please be considerate of this fragile natural environment. View the heronry from afar;do not approach or disturb the nesting birds.

How to get there

Travel 3 km west of the village of Stonecliff on Hwy 17. Going straight down hill, look out for a green "Grants Creek" road sign before the road bridge. Go another 100m over the road bridge, take the dirt road on the left-hand-side . Go straight (not left over a wooden bridge) to a parking place where the canoes are put in.


  • Canoe up the creek until you reach a set of rapids.
  • Those wanting an easy half-day trip can walk without their canoes over the steep 200m portage (left of the rapids) to Logslide Lake. This lake is a good for a picnic, a swim and to view a small set of rapids. Those on the full-day trip portage to Logslide Lake.
  • Cross Logslide lake and view the crashing waterfall. Take a 200m portage left of the waterfall. This is a steep and rocky portage to Spencer Lake. Be sure to take appropriate footwear.
  • Canoe across Spencer Lake and take a 600m, level, easy going portage to Grants Creek Marsh.
  • Canoe through the Marsh. Look out for the Great Blue heronry that is situated on the western side, about halfway, along the marsh. There are Pitcher plants that feed on insects on the islands in the middle of the marsh. View the heronry from afar; do not approach or disturb the nesting birds.
  • At the end of the 3 km long marshy area is another of several portages that take you further along the creek, especially in high water. However, it is recommended for the day trip to turn around at the end of the marsh and come back the way you came to your vehicle.


The minimum required safety equipment are one life jacket per person, a paddle per person and a bailer, a whistle, and a throw rope per boat. Travel in groups of two or more canoes for safety. Check the weather and avoid thunderstorms and windy conditions. For more information please visit the Office of Boating Safety