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Foresters Falls

START / FINISH: Foresters Falls. 9.5 km northeast of Cobden.
RIVER / STREAM:McNaughton's Creek
ACCESS/WALKING: Easy 100 m unkempt trail.
BEST VIEWING LOCATIONS:From narrow trail that begins before the road bridge.
SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: The trail is unkempt and there is no railing. Be careful of the loose earth underfoot.

The waterfall, on McNaughton's Creek, in the hamlet of Foresters Falls is small and pleasant. The best time to view the waterfall is just after the spring thaw when the creek swells and crashes over the dam and rugged rocks below. The creek begins from Bigson's Lake and flows 11 km to the Ottawa River. The waterfall on the creek was the reason for the development of Foresters Falls by Oliver Forester in the early 1840s. A dam was built over the waterfall to operate a sawmill and a gristmill. The first pioneers were mainly English, Irish and Scottish and by the late 1800s Foresters Falls was a thriving village with many businesses. A fire in the 1870s burned most of the village but left the dam and the bridge intact. Today, be sure to visit the Ross Township Museum, which is housed in the former fire hall. Authentic displays include a general store, one-room schoolhouse, railroad room, and reading room. The restored log home of James Ross stands alongside.

How to get there
Take Hwy 17 southeast from Pembroke towards Cobden. About 500 m past the traffic lights in Cobden turn left onto Foresters Falls Rd (Cty Rd 7) . Continue down the road until you see the Ross Township Museum in the hamlet of Foresters Falls. Park in the lot provided.


  • Walk east down the main street towards the road bridge crossing McNaughton's Creek (named after McNaughton, a surveyor in the early 1800s) at the edge of the hamlet.
  • Just before the bridge, turn left and walk down the narrow trail. The trail takes you down beside the falls. Watch your footing.
  • Return the way you came to your vehicle.

Foresters Falls is located just minutes from Ottawa River; the most rafted river in North America. Enjoy the white water paddling, canoeing, kayaking and rafting in the area. The country roads along rolling farmland are excellent for biking tours.