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Downtown Renfrew, Bonnechere

START / FINISH: McDougall Mill Museum in downtown Renfrew.
HEIGHT OF FALLS: Difference between top and bottom of waterflow is 9 metres
RIVER / STREAM:Bonnechere River
ACCESS/WALKING:EASY: 300m loop to view the chutes.
BEST VIEWING LOCATIONS:-Renfrew Swinging Bridge
-Bridge that crosses the Bonnechere River on Bridge Street
SAFETY PRECAUTIONS:-View the waterfall safely from bridges, walking paths and roads.

The waterfall on the Bonnechere River in downtown Renfrew is an impressive sight in the heart of the town. Take the swinging footbridge across the Bonnechere River and view the chute from an elevated position. The adjacent McDougall Mill Museum tells the history of Creamery Town, as Renfrew has come to be known since the first creamery was built here in 1895.

How to get there
Driving along Hwy 17 take the Bruce St. intersection into Renfrew. At the next set of traffic lights turn left on Stewart St. Turn left again onto Arthur Ave and stop in the parking lot just beyond the McDougall Mill Museum near the swinging bridge.


  • From the parking lot walk on swinging bridge across the Bonnechere River and view the chute from an elevated position. The swinging bridge is one of only two in all of Ontario. Built in 1895 to provide workers access to the industrial area around the mill, the bridge eventually fell into disrepair, but was rebuilt in 1983.
  • From the swinging bridge meet Raglan street, Renfrew's vibrant main thoroughfare, lined with century-old commercial buildings, stately homes and towering church steeples. Either walk down Raglan St and explore the town or walk 50m and then turn right onto Bridge street. Walk over the road bridge and stop to admire the chutes with the picturesque limestone Museum as a backdrop.
  • Continue along Bridge St and turn right onto Arthur Ave. Visit the museum and learn the history of Renfrew.