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Petawawa Terrace Provincial Nature Reserve

DISTANCE:-Upper Terrace trails: 3.6 km
-Lower Terrace trails: 6 km
TRAIL TYPE:-Mostly unpaved trail
DIFFICULTY:-Easy to Moderate

The Petawawa Terrace Provincial Park is a 215 ha natural environment class park, which was the location of the former Petawawa Fish Hatchery. The Terrace itself, a 146 metre high sand ridge, was formed when the glacial Lake Algonquin drained down the Ottawa River to the Champlain Sea about ten thousand years ago. Numerous natural cold springs bubble up along the base of the terrace. Wet meadows and swampy (white cedar) woods harbour numerous unusual plants including Silky Dogwood and Field Sedge. To date, a total of 517 species of vascular plants have been found in the park. Numerous interpretive panels and interactive kiosks along the way feature birds, butterflies, turtles and other wildlife of the region, including invasive species and those at risk.

How to get there
These trails are located off Laurentian Drive in the Town of Petawawa. Laurentian Drive is off County Rd 51 approximately 15 km northwest of Pembroke.


  • The Upper Terrace Trail is 3.6 km in length, providing loops of a variety of lengths. The terrace provides a breathtaking view of the Ottawa River and the Laurentian Hills. The Petawawa Ski Club grooms the outside loop in the winter for multi-purpose use.
  • Walk down the Access Rd from the parking lot to reach the Lower Terrace Trails. Approximately 6 km of trail loop around the historical goose ponds and the former fish hatchery ponds. The trails overlook beaver ponds and cross a variety of wetland vegetation communities. The various habitats provide excellent opportunities for bird watching and other wildlife viewing, as well as photography throughout the year. Two observation platforms may be developed along the trail in the future to enhance these activities.