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Mount Martin - Quebec

Mount Martin
DISTANCE:6 km by canoe, 5 km hiking trail
TRAIL TYPE:Unpaved, unmarked difficult trail, stout
footwear needed
DIFFICULTY: Steep climb. Care needed when canoeing
and on the unfenced mountain top

This 5 km hiking trail up and down Mount Martin in Quebec, across from Deep River, offers fabulous birds-eye views over the Laurentian Hills, the Ottawa River and Valley. A canoe can be launched from Deep River to cross the Ottawa River to reach a beautiful sandy shore, in an uninhabited area, where the trail head is located. The steep rocky trail winds its way through the canopy of a mixed forest with large white pines to the top of Mount Martin, which is about 300 metres high.

How to get there
Drive along Hwy 17 into Deep River and at the traffic lights turn downtown onto the Deep River Rd. Pass through a pedestrian crossing and straight on down a hill towards the Ottawa River. Take a left at the T-intersection onto Brockhouse Way. Drive two hundred metres and park on paved area provided on the right side of the road. Your canoe can be launched further down the road from the boat launch or public marina.


  • Canoe across the Ottawa River to Indian Point, on the Quebec side. It takes about 30 minutes to paddle the 2 km wide river. Canoe 500 metres alongside the sandy beach at Indian Point, and into the bay (see map).
  • At the blue marker ribbon on the beach, follow a short footpath, then turn left onto the unpaved logging road.
  • Walk approximately 600m up the road until you see blue markers on the left wrapped around a dead tree.
  • Turn left onto the footpath and follow it to the top of the hill. The trail starts on a gentle incline, then gradually gets steeper. Walk around any large logs that lay across the trail.
  • A rocky outcrop awaits you at the top, where you can rest and admire the exceptional views.
  • Return the way you came.

Saftey Tips

Check the weather forecast and avoid windy conditions. Bring a life jacket per person, and for each canoe take 3 paddles, a bailer, a whistle, and a throw rope. Travel across the river in a group of at least 2 canoes. Take care when climbing and on top of the unfenced Mount Martin. Bring plenty of water, wear stout footwear and take an adequate number of breaks.

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