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Manitou Mountain Trail

Download: Manitou Mountain Trail Map Download: Manitou Mountain Trail Map
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Distance:9 km.

Trail Type:Unpaved trail
Difficulty:Medium. Care needed at mountain-top vistas.

The Manitou Mountain Trail is a 9 km, hiking/snowshoeing corridor through picturesque pine forests and spectacular wilderness scenery. Along this shoulder width trail you will encounter 3 spectacular mountain top vistas. This trail is not recommended for beginners. A trail map is essential. A compass or GPS is also highly recommended.

How to Get There: Trailheads are located at the eastern and western ends of the Manitou Mountain Trail. The eastern trailhead is found on Barrett Chute Rd., 2.7 km. east of Calabogie Peaks Resort. The western trailhead is found on Calabogie Rd #508. 2.4 km west of Calabogie Peaks Resort. Calabogie Peaks Resort is located along #508 4 km west of the village of Calabogie.

Further Information:
This diverse trail also links to the enchanting Lost Valley Trail and to the scenic Skywalk Trail at Calabogie Peaks Resort. In total, the Manitou Mountain trails complex offers hikers 14 km. of trails and 6 outstanding mountain-top vistas.

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