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Gillies Grove

DISTANCE:3.6 km round trip
TRAIL TYPE:Well maintained paved and unpaved

This 3.6 km circular walk follows the route of one of the three Arnprior Millennium Trails (Gillies, McLachlin and Heritage). The trail passes by the public marina and continues along the Madawaska River until it meets the Ottawa River. The trail then goes past the Galilee stone mansion, built in 1853, and then enters Gillies Grove, which is a rare remnant of old growth forest.

How to get there
Drive to Arnprior via Hwy 17, and at the traffic lights, approach the town via Daniel St. Cross the railway line and continue straight on along Daniel St North. Turn left onto Madawaska Blvd, then first right onto John St North. Park immediately on your right in the lot by Arnprior and District Museum / Library.


  • From the Arnprior and District Museum walk along Madawaska Blv to the Millennium Trail Kiosk near to Arnprior's Bell Tower.
  • Turn left onto the Millennium Trail and walk along the west bank of the Madawaska River, passing the public marina and boat launch.
  • By the public beach, climb the steps and pass through Robert Simpson Park. Then follow the road out of the park a short way before turning right and entering the grounds of the “Galilee Community” (private property - respect their goodwill).
  • You pass by the stone mansion called, “The Hill,” built by the first David McLachlin in 1953.
  • Continue along and before a gate (signed private property), turn left into the woods. Please note, a change of trail is currently under consideration at this location. The alternative route will be posted shortly.
  • Then turn right at the main trail and take the footpath through Gillies Grove to the Millennium Trail Kiosk, as you exit Gillies Grove.
  • Follow Ottawa St, turn right onto Harrington St, left onto Victoria, and right along John St North, and the circle is complete.

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