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TRAIL TYPE:Unpaved railroad and country roads

This 11 km trail starts in the pretty town of Calabogie and follows the abandoned K&P railroad across the Madawaska River. Wetland wildlife will be seen in the bogs that border the railroad as it makes it's way to Norway Lake. Ahead of you on the route back are the picturesque Calabogie Peaks.

How to get there
Halfway between Renfrew and Arnprior on Hwy 17, take Cty Rd 508 (Calabogie Rd) 26 km to Calabogie. Turn left onto 511 at Stinson gas station just as you reach Calabogie. Veering left through the village staying on Cty Rd 511, go over two bridges. Directly after crossing the second bridge, you will see the tourist information booth to the right where you can park.


  • Leave the lot and cross over Hwy 511. Immediately in front of you is the trail starting at the newly refurbished K&P Trail Bridge.
  • Soon the railroad crosses a second (wooden) bridge high over the Madawaska River. Cross Cty Rd 511, ignoring a side track to your left
  • Continue on and go straight across Cty Rd 508 to the signpost indicating the K&P Railroad.
  • Follow the railroad trail for another 2.5 km. The next county road that you will reach is Murphy Rd. Take a good look at this crossing because you will pass this way again on the way back.
  • Continue on the K&P past bogs where American Bitterns have been seen. Perhaps stop for a break by the relatively undeveloped Norway Lake. Continue on the K&P until Murphy Rd is met a second time. Here, leave the K&P trail by turning left onto Murphy Rd.
  • After walking on Murphy Rd rejoin the K&P Railroad. This is done where it crosses Murphy Rd the first time. From here, retrace your steps back to Calabogie. This stretch of trail is very picturesque, as ahead and to your right are hills of the Calabogie Peaks.
  • Alternative return route: Continuing down Murphy Rd is an alternative to the K&P Trail. If Murphy Rd is chosen as the trail back, continue down it until you reach the highway (Cty Rd 508). Go straight across the highway (TAKE CARE CROSSING). Descend into Calabogie on Lanark Rd (Cty Rd 511), which can be busy and initially lacks a sidewalk. Continue along Lanark Rd and re-pickup the K&P trail on your left. If you come to a small intersection, then you have gone too far. As you re-enter the K&P trail you will see the two bridges, where you first set out