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DISTANCE:10 km round trip
TRAIL TYPE:Paved and unpaved country roads
DIFFICULTY:Good footing with small hills

The undulating country roads offer pastoral views of the tranquil and picturesque Pleasant Valley. The farms sport sidings in primary colours and corn silos stand like silver-topped sentinels. There are good views of the Ottawa River from the hexagon-sided Lookout.The footing is good, but you may need to take a breather on steep hills.

How to get there
Take Hwy 17 from Pembroke towards Cobden. Five km from the intersection of Hwy 17 and 41, turn left onto Whitewater Rd (Cty Rd 24). At the T-junction, turn right onto County Road 40. After about one kilometre, turn left onto the Beachburg Rd (Cty Rd 21) Drive on for another 5 km, then turn left again onto Westmeath Rd (Cty Rd 12). On your right, just outside Westmeath, you will see the salt and sand dome by the Township of Westmeath Administration Building. Park in the lot.


  • Walk towards Westmeath, and almost immediately take the first right along Lovers Lane. When there were few cars, romantic locals walked to this nocturnal meeting place. At the crossroads, ½ km from car-park, walk straight on through.
  • Turn right onto the paved Pleasant Valley Road and walk through a cut in a glacial moraine where you will have a delightful view over colourful farms and fields of corns.
  • At the crossroads, take the right hand dirt road, Desjardins.
  • Turn right along Lookout Road. Walk up to the rose-red hexagonal Lookout perched on a kame moraine on your right. Please note the moraine is private property.
  • Continue down Pretty's Hill on Lookout Road. Llamas, a South American native animal, will be keeping an eye on you from the farm on your left.

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