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Kiwanis Way

DISTANCE:Out and back, 4 km
TRAIL TYPE:Paved walking and biking trail
DIFFICULTY:Good footing on level pavement

The trail runs for 2 km between the Riverside Park and the Pembroke Marina, with scenic views of the Ottawa River. The route is mostly along the Kiwanis Way which comprises of separated paved trails, the riverside path for walkers and the city-side one for bikes and roller blades. Look out for the Osprey platform, viewing platforms, Riverside Amphitheatre and the Pointer Boat monument. This is a great place to enjoy a promenade chatting to family and friends.

How to get there
Go west about a kilometre away from Pembroke downtown core along the main street, Pembroke Street West, continuing onto Pembroke Street East. Turn right towards the Ottawa River onto Alexandra Street to get to Pembroke Marina, or alternatively continue driving along Pembroke Street East for a couple of kilometres, then turn right directly into Riverside Park.


  • This trail guide begins at the Riverside Park beach. Walk through the picnic area to the Kiwanis Way. An Osprey platform is located at the river's edge, partially concealed by trees.
  • A fine sprinkling of silver-grey church spires and church towers can be seen a third of the way along the trail.
  • The Cockburn Pointer Boat monument is found at the end of the Kiwanis Way. Go through the gate, turn left under the timber arch for the Millennium Boardwalk and follow its 2000 boards, each bearing the sponsor's name, to the lighthouse at the end of the Pembroke Marina. This is a good place to view docked vessels (up to 150), the Ottawa River and its sunsets.
  • Walk into the car park bordering the marina. The walk ends where there are two notice boards describing the yearly arrival of thousands of swallows that roast in the willow trees by the Muskrat River. Retrace your steps back to your car.

Points of Interest

Pembroke Heritage Murals painted by local and nationally-renowned artists on downtown walls show scenes from the area's past. Started in 1990, there are now more than 20 murals providing a rich background to the City's downtown core.

Click here for more about the City of Pembroke's heritage murals.

Links of interest

The City of Pembroke
• Visit the Champlain Museum in Pembroke
• Tour the Pembroke Hydro Museum in downtown Pembroke. Call 732-3687.