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Ottawa River and Algonquin Park

The Ottawa River flows 1200 km from its head-waters in northern Quebec to the St. Lawrence River. For 250 km the Ottawa River forms the eastern boundary of Renfrew County.

The Ottawa River has had a significant place in the history of the first nations people, development of the fur trade and later for loggers and pioneering settlers. Today the Ottawa River continues as a source of commerce, transportation, hydro-generation and leisure activities.

1. Old Railway Bike Trail
Algonquin Park has an easy 10 km family bicycle trail. Most of the trail follows the abandoned bed of the historic Ottawa, Arnprior, and Parry Sound Railway that was built across the park in 1895 and then abandoned (in stages in the 1930’s, 40s and 50s).
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TOUR TYPE:Out and back
TOTAL DISTANCE:10 km one way
2. Minnesing Mountain Bike Trail
The Minnesing Mountain Bike Trail network consists of four loops. They are all hilly and unsuitable for small children and unfit adults. The western or return side of each loop follows the old Minnesing Road where the trail is smoother and the grades are less steep.
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RATING:Moderate to difficult; Algonquin Park brochure rates as moderate level of technical difficulty
TOTAL DISTANCE:-4.7 km loop -10.1 km loop -17.1 km loop -23.4 km loop
3. Chalk River - Deep River
The towns of Chalk River and Deep River are in the northern region of the Ottawa Valley nestled between Algonquin Park to the west and the Ottawa River to the east. Chalk River is the location of the Atomic Energy of Canada laboratories. Deep River is a small community that boasts an impressive network of hiking, biking, and skiing trails.
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RATING:Moderate to difficult
TOUR TYPE:30.5 km
START / FINISH:-Chalk River -Park off Hwy 17 at corner of Plant Road and Baggs Road; on right hand side of road by trail
4. Deep River Trails
Deep River has an endless network of logging roads, cross-country ski trails and snowmobile trails. Many of these roads and trails are favorites of locals who like to mountain bike.
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RATING:Easy, moderate and difficult
TOUR TYPE:Loops and out and backs
TOTAL DISTANCE:To suit all types of tour needs
5. Petawawa Research Forest
Petawawa Research Forest, established in 1917, is a 100 sq km tract of forested land. This public resource has been an area for research studies and demonstrations, as well as logging activities. The forest lies on the edge of the vast Canadian Shield and within the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence forest region. The terrain is covered with mixed forest. The prime forest species are white pine and aspen, followed by red oak, red pine, white birch, maple and white spruce.
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6. Forest Lea Trails
A network of single track trails and forest roads covers this 600 acre block of crown land and are accessible for biking and hiking in the spring, summer and fall. The easier, open routes follow the old logging trails, while challenging loops of advanced level singletrack trails wind through the forest.
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RATING:Easy to difficult
TOUR TYPE:- Forest trails and single track - Technical trails
TOTAL DISTANCE:4 to 8 km loops