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Burnstown - Stewartville

START / FINISH:Burnstown at the Burnstown Park on the Madawaska River; 0.5 km north of Burnstown
HIGHLIGHTS:-Burnstown - shops and cafe
-Beach and Picnic Area on Madawaska River
SURFACE:-Pavement: 11 km
-Gravel: 10 km
TIME ALLOWANCE:-Beginner: 2 hr
-Intermediate: 1.5 hr
-Advanced: 1 hr

This ride offers everything from the quaint village and artist’s community of Burnstown, to the hydro dam at Stewartville, to the farmland of McNab Township. You can top this tour off at the popular swimming beach on the Madawaska River.



  • Park at the Burnstown Park on the Madawaska River 1 km north of Burnstown on the Calabogie Rd.
  • From the parking area turn right onto the Calabogie Rd for 4.5 km to the 2nd dirt road and turn right onto Flat Rapids Rd. This road is across from Goshen Rd and marked with a sign that states “Unmaintained Road. Use at your Own Risk.”
  • Follow this road for 0.5 km to T- intersection and turn left. This road becomes Flat Rapids Rd.
  • Continue on this dirt road for 2.2 km into Stewartville (you will have traveled 7.2 km) Stewartville was originally built to house employees working on the construction of the dam.
  • At the intersection turn right on Stewartville Rd and ride down the hill and across the bridge. A stop on the bridge will allow you a view of the dam and the Madawaska River.
  • At T-intersection turn left on Kippen Rd for .5 km.
  • Turn right onto Creek Side Rd and continue for 1.5 km
  • At T-intersection turn right on McLachlan Rd. White Lake Cemetery is straight ahead of you at this intersection.
  • Travel on McLachlan Rd for 4.5 km and turn left onto McLeod Rd
  • Stay on McLeod Rd for 2.4 km to the stop sign at Burnstown Rd
  • Turn right and travel into the village of Burnstown. At the flashing light turn right at Calabogie Rd; ride for 1 km back to the Burnstown Park.