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Lake Dore - Micksburg - Osceola

START / FINISH:-Township Park on Lake Dore
-Look for parking area; there are changing rooms here if you want to take a swim
-Snake River
-Shaw Woods (Walking Guide)
-Osceola (Walking Guide)
SURFACE:Pavement: 46.5 km
TIME ALLOWANCE:-Beginner: 3 hr
-Intermediate: 2 hr
-Advanced: 1.5 hr

This tour could be called the Snake River Tour. The Snake River meanders back and forth from Lake Dore to Muskrat Lake and you will cross the river five times on this tour. This is a relaxing tour that takes you past some of the County’s dairy farms and farming communities. Lake Dore is known to be the largest fresh water lake without an island in North America. However, some locals claim it is the largest lake without an island in the world. Take your pick of distinctions and be sure to take a dip at Wilberforce Township Park.


  • Park at the Township Park on Township Park Rd. Use designated parking.
  • Turn left on Township Park Rd to Hwy 41. Turn left on Hwy 41 and ride up the hill for 1.3 km. You will cross Snake River. Watch for traffic.
  • Turn right at Mountain Rd/Renfrew Cty Rd 13 and ride 4 km to Micksburg.
  • Go through the stop sign at Micksburg and continue straight to Snake River Line at 11.5 km. On the corner you will see the refurbished Crossroads Community Club of Snake River.
  • Turn right and follow Snake River Rd for 8.5 km (20 km total).
  • Turn right on Burwell Rd for 3 km to T-intersection.
  • Turn left on Micksburg Rd for 1 km to McGaghran Rd (if you continue straight for .5km you can visit Osceola); turn right at McGaghran Rd.
  • Continue on McGaghran Rd to T-intersection at Bulgar Rd; about 7 km. Turn right on Bulgar Rd for .5km (Bulgar Rd goes back to Lake Dore).
  • Turn left on Cold Creek Rd for 7 km to T-intersection at Lett’s Cemetery Rd.
  • Turn right on Lett’s Cemetery Rd to stop sign at Hwy 41. Cross Hwy 41 to Lakeview Dr/Point Church Rd; follow for 4 km until you come back to Hwy 41.
  • Turn left on Hwy 41 and ride back to Township Park.