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Allumette Island

TOTAL DISTANCE:-Island loop: 61 km
-Half-Island loop: 41 km
START / FINISH:-Park at Information Centre (Log Cabin) near Morrison Bridge
HIGHLIGHTS:-Views of Ottawa River
-Village of Chapeau
-Scenic farmland
SURFACE:-Pavement: 35 km
-Gravel/PPJ Cycloparc: 26 km
TIME ALLOWANCE:-Beginner: 5 hr
-Intermediate: 3.5 hr
-Advanced: 3 hr

This trail loops around the perimeter of Allumette Island. The Island is about 20 km long by 10 km wide with a population of around 1500. There are excellent views of the Ottawa River, farmland, forests and the Laurentian Hills. The village of Chapeau - with the fine Alphonsus of Liguori church and eating places - is a good place to stop. For a shorter trip take the half island loop by way of the Pembroke Rd crossing the centre of the Island.


  • On Hwy 17, just south of Pembroke, drive along Hwy 148 going east. Continue 4 km on Hwy 148 onto Isle-aux-Allumettes. Park at the Information Centre (Log Cabin) parking lot on your right about 100 m after the last bridge to the Island.
  • Bike about 1 km up Hwy 148 towards Fort Coulonge. TAKE CARE: BUSY ROAD. Turn left onto Pembroke Rd and continue for 4.4 km.
  • Continue on Pembroke Rd to Chapeau for the half island loop. For the island loop turn left onto Desjardinville Rd. Follow this road to Chapeau.
  • When you reach the Ch. de la Culbute on the north end of the Island there are magnificent views of the Laurentian Hills and the Ottawa River.
  • You will reach the village of Chapeau at 30 km from the start; look out for the St-Alphonsus of Liguori church. A good place for lunch is at the local bakery or the park at the Temiskawa boat launch on Ch. de la Rivière leaving the village.
  • Continue on, crossing Pembroke Rd, following the mostly unpaved River Rd. for 11 km. You will have good views of the Ottawa River.
  • At 11 km from Chapeau turn right onto Hwy 148 and bike up hill 3 km. TAKE CARE: BUSY ROAD.
  • Turn left at Ch. du Range Est where you will see a trail sign for the CCJ Cycloparc. Follow the cycle path which runs parallel to the Ch. du Range Est.
  • Towards the end of the loop, when the trail meets Hwy 148, turn left and continue 100 m to the parking lot.