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1. Opeongo Hills Nordic Ski Club
Things to Do >> Outfitters and Recreation
Opeongo Nordic is a non-profit, volunteer-operated club maintaining groomed classic and skate ski trails over rolling wilderness terrain. Experience fantastic cross-country skiing in the beautiful Opeongo hills. We are part of the Cross Country Ontario/Canada club system. Visit our...
2. Forest Lea Trails (Valley Explore)
Valley Explore >> XC Ski >> Cross-Country Skiing Guide
Information The Pembroke Cross-country Ski Club maintains the Forest Lea Cross-country Ski Trails in the winter. There are 19 km of skating trails and 14 km of classical trails suitable for all abilities. The trail layout is based on a "stacked loop concept" consisting of 4 trail...
3. Les Cabines de la Chute
Accommodations >> Campgrounds and Cottages
Open year round, we offer six fully furnished log cabins, a central lodge with wireless internet, with a beach and games area. New activities: motorized nature tours, and walking, cross-country skiing and snowshoe trails. Ideal for reunions, conferences, family vacations and romantic getaways.
4. Opeongo Hills Nordic Ski Club (Valley Explore)
Valley Explore >> XC Ski >> Cross-Country Skiing Guide
Opeongo Hills Nordic Ski Club ( is based in Brudenell, just south of Killaloe. A small but dedicated group of cross-country skiers, volunteering to make quality groomed-trail classic- and skate-skiing accessible in our area. TRAILS Enjoy nine kilometres of classic- and...
5. Whitewater Region (Township of)
Communities >> Communities
Located within the scenic Ottawa Valley and bordered by the Ottawa River, the Township of Whitewater Region is a dynamic place to live and visit. Known worldwide for whitewater rafting and kayaking, we offer a variety of year-round activities such as golfing, snowmobiling, camping, boating, fishing...
6. Under the Stars
Events and Festivals >> Holiday Celebrations
 'Under the Stars' at Coronation Hall, January 1st, 2015, 5pm - 9pm. Enjoy traditional Pontiac fare, take a sleigh ride through the forest and go cross-country skiing or snoeshoeing under the moon and stars. $20 for adults, $10 kids 12 and under. A real Canadian country experience, get your...
7. Cross Country Skiing
Things to Do >> Winter Adventures
Winter sport enthusiasts must experience the groomed and scenic cross-country ski trails winding through our meadows and forests. For a list of cross-country ski trails, including trail maps and directions, visit the Ottawa Valley's on-line trail guide - Valley Explore. ...
8. Madawaska Nordic Trails (Valley Explore)
Valley Explore >> XC Ski >> Cross-Country Skiing Guide
How to Get There: The Madawaska Nordic Trails are located west of Calabogie near the Calabogie Peaks Ski Resort. To find the trailhead, travel 6 km west from the intersection of Highways 508 and 511 in Calabogie to Viewmount Drive. Turn right on Viewmount Drive and take the second right onto...
9. Opeongo Nordic Second Annual Classic Loppet
Events and Festivals >> Sporting Events and Tournaments
A loppet is a ski race, but just a bit more informal.The club is in its third year of operation and offers 15km of groomed classic and skate ski trails through rolling, hilly wilderness. Come and experience fantastic cross country skiing in the beautiful Madawaska Highlands. This is a classic ski...
10. Minnesing (Valley Explore)
Valley Explore >> XC Ski >> Cross-Country Skiing Guide
Information The Minnesing Trail network consists of four loops. They are all hilly and unsuitable for small children and unfit adults. The western or return side of each loop follows the old Minnesing Road, where the trail is smoother and the grades are less steep. Cabins are located at the start...
11. Forest Lea Trails (Valley Explore)
Valley Explore >> Bike >> Ottawa River and Algonquin Park
Note: These trails are under Ministry of Natural Resources jurisdiction and subject to Ministry guidelines. Access to these lands is subject to provincial changes. Information A network of single track trails and forest roads covers this 600 acre block of crown land and are accessible for biking...
12. Silver Spoon Trails (Valley Explore)
Valley Explore >> XC Ski >> Cross-Country Skiing Guide
Information The Silver Spoon Trails are located east of Deep River on either side of Balmer’s Bay Road just past the hospital. Members have access to the 30 km of trail, of which 20 km are groomed and track-set. The riverside trails are gentle. Those on the other side of Balmer’s Bay...
13. Renfrew Millennium Trail (Valley Explore)
Valley Explore >> Walk >> Madawaska River and Highlands
Information Renfrew’s Millennium Trail is 3.4 km long, has lighting, and is suitable for walkers, joggers, wheelchairs, bikers, and cross country skiing. It follows the route of the CN Railway, through the heart of Renfrew and imparts the atmosphere of both the town, and countryside. There...
14. Chalk River - Deep River (Valley Explore)
Valley Explore >> Bike >> Ottawa River and Algonquin Park
Information The towns of Chalk River and Deep River are in the northern region of the Ottawa Valley nestled between Algonquin Park to the west and the Ottawa River to the east. Chalk River is the location of the Atomic Energy of Canada laboratories. Deep River is a small community that boasts an...
15. Petawawa Research Forest (Valley Explore)
Valley Explore >> XC Ski >> Cross-Country Skiing Guide
Information Petawawa Research Forest, established in 1917, is a 100 sq km tract of forested land. This public resource has been an area for research studies and demonstrations, as well as logging activities. The forest lies on the edge of the vast Canadian Shield and within the Great Lakes - St....
16. Petawawa Terrace Provincial Nature Reserve (Valley Explore)
Valley Explore >> Walk >> Ottawa River and Algonquin Park
Information The Petawawa Terrace Provincial Park is a 215 ha natural environment class park, which was the location of the former Petawawa Fish Hatchery. The Terrace itself, a 146 metre high sand ridge, was formed when the glacial Lake Algonquin drained down the Ottawa River to the Champlain Sea...
17. Manitou Mountain Trail (Valley Explore)
Valley Explore >> XC Ski >> Cross-Country Skiing Guide
Information: The Manitou Mountain Trail is a 9 km, hiking/snowshoeing corridor through picturesque pine forests and spectacular wilderness scenery. Along this shoulder width trail you will encounter 3 spectacular mountain top vistas. This trail is not recommended for beginners. A trail map is...
18. Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding
Things to Do >> Winter Adventures
Our tree-lined slopes, challenging vertical drops (including the highest in Eastern Ontario) and gentle runs make the Ottawa Valley a great alpine skiing and snowboarding destination. Most hills offer state-of-the-art snowmaking and grooming equipment, which means plenty of good skiing and...
19. Tourism Season is Not Over- It Actually Never Ends
Media and Communications >> Press Releases (OVTA Staff)
(Calabogie, ON)-  Snow was in the air as the Board of Directors of the Ottawa Valley Tourist Association (OVTA) met recently in Calabogie in Greater Madawaska Township.  While the summer and fall tourism seasons have wrapped up, winter, and all it has to offer residents and tourists...
20. Winter in the Ottawa Valley
Media and Communications >> Press Releases (OVTA Staff)
Pull out the balaclava and the long underwear, winter has arrived in the Ottawa Valley.   As temperatures start to dip and snow gently settles into the region a new crop of activities, events and recreational pursuits take shape.  As a solo adventurer, a group enthusiast, or a family...
21. Calabogie Peaks Ski Resort
Things to Do >> Attractions and Museums
Calabogie Peaks Resort, Eastern Ontario’s largest mountain resort has become the distinct four-season meeting, leisure and recreation destination of Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. Guests’ year round compliment their time spent at the conference table with activities on the...
22. Driftwood Provincial Park (Valley Explore)
Valley Explore >> Walk >> Ottawa River and Algonquin Park
Information There are many interlocking trail loops from 1 km to 3.7 km long, in a forested location, skirting a bay with sandy beaches on the Ottawa River. Lookouts from high points or at the river’s edge afford picturesque views across to the Laurentian Hills and to the mouth of the...