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For those who dream of country life

For those who dream of country life
For those who dream of country life

As holidays wrap up for most, yet another busy season begins for homesteaders.  Those living on the land, raising animals, tending orchards and growing vegetables move into harvest mode, reaping the fruits of their labour, literally.


For anyone who dreams of living in the country, this is a wonderful time to check out the lifestyle.  Braids of garlic hang from the wall.  Shelves are lined with pickles and jam.  Corners are piled with squash and cellars are filled with potatoes.  It is the season of abundance.


This fall, Loyalist College is offering a weekend course called the Dreamers Farm Tour.  After expanding to Barry’s Bay, earlier this year, Loyalist is offering this continuing education, non-credit course, for those who would like an introduction, or a glimpse, into the art of sustainable living.


Participants will learn about permaculture, forest gardens, natural building, preserving and fermenting the harvest, living off-grid, raising livestock and organic gardening.  The weekend will be spent touring farms, getting hands dirty, purchasing food directly from farmers, feasting together and enjoying evening campfires.  There will also be free time for autumn walks, through forests and fields.


The Dreamers Farm Tour is perfect for those with an interest in the rural life but who don’t know where to begin their explorations.  As it will serve as an introduction to the topics listed above, this course is ideal for those who are familiar with the ideas but have yet to see them in practice.


The course will run from Friday, September 30 until Sunday, October 2.  A link to the course registration can be found at or questions can be directed to the course co-facilitator, Natalie Robinson, at or (613) 756-5299.  Registration includes three days of social learning.  Course facilitators will help participants to find accommodation in the area and will open their own homes and gardens for evening meals and campfires.

Contact Information:
Email: Natalie Robinson
Phone: 613 756 5299