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Famous Canadian Marketing Expert Visits Killaloe

Famous Canadian Marketing Expert Visits Killaloe

On Monday, September 12 there will be a one-of-a-kind marketing workshop in Killaloe.  Homespin is bringing Tad Hargrave to offer his very popular course called Marketing for Hippies 101.


Hargrave is based out of Edmonton and is doing a tour of Eastern Canada, with stops in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Killaloe!  Many local businesses have been following Hargrave online for years.  His videos and blogs are invaluable to entrepreneurs who are just starting out, or just realizing they need more effective marketing.  Anyone trying to reach the public with a message, even non-profits or community groups, would benefit from this presentation.


Hargrave calls his business Marketing for Hippies because he likes to work with holistic or environmentally conscious businesses.  Furthermore, he finds these types of entrepreneurs have a distinct set of challenges and opportunities.  He’s found his “niche” and he helps others find theirs.  For small business marketing, Hargrave says, knowing your niche is everything.


As a marketing company, Homespin coaches Ottawa Valley businesses on how to better reach their target customers through web and print presence, social media and networking.  Tad hammers home the most important elements of marketing, making it simple and authentic, so Homespin is thrilled that their clients and community will get to work with him, in person.


The cost of the workshop is $30 and it runs from 1-4pm.  Online registration is required and can be done through Tad’s website:  The location will be the CRC meeting room at 12 North Street in Killaloe.

Contact Information:
Email: Natalie Robinson
Phone: 613 756 5299