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Flatwater Explore by Canoe with Madawaska River Rentals

Flatwater Explore by Canoe with Madawaska River Rentals
a little rest in the heart of Conroy Marsh

May 10th 2017

Season Opener! Time to get your paddle wet! Expect to see migrating and nesting birds, early spring bloomers, turtles 'playing', early butterflies, big skies, sunset and an array of eye candy as we glide along by canoe.
Join us for on-site canoe outfitting and a three hour adventure into a provincially distinct wetland, Conroy Marsh Conservation Area.
Participants step out of their vehicles to a waiting canoe. You are welcome to paddle with the group, or off with your own company. Please call for more information, directions and registration; $20/person. 613 758 2165 Private excursions available.

Madawaska River Rentals loves to explore the wetlands, lakes and rivers, and of course, we love to canoe! Conroy Marsh is one of our favourite lures, it's richness and wonder, ever changing through the seasons, always a bounty of birds and wildlife to observe and photograph.

Conroy Marsh is nestled in the geological valley bowl of the York and Little Mississippi Rivers, just south of where they spill into the Madawaska River.  The marsh is home to an abundance of unique plantlife, that supports a diversity of wildlife, also attracting humans to her shores, for at least  the last 10,000 years. Present day, the marsh is a sanctuary, for wildlife and paddlers to experience unobtrusively a magical waterland, and the base of the foodchain of our regional ecosystem.

Historically, as a travel and trade route, the marsh is a powerful territory to hold, the gateway from the south to the Madawaska River, and the rugged hills of Algonquin Highlands. Oral histories tell the tale of the Indian Wars of 1649, a running war down the Little Mississippi, between the Iroquois and the Algonquin, which was said to 'end in a bloody stalemate' where the York meets the Madawaska.

The first recorded European settlers to the area arrived in the mid-1800's, along with the Log Barons, log chutes, and cambouses, the Marsh became a highway for lumber, the rivers carried the forests down to the mighty Ottawa, eastward to the sea. The Marsh, also crossed by a rich mineral belt, from Brugess and Craigmont Mines, to Jewelville, Aqua Rose, and the Quadeville Beryl Pit, which time and miners, have exposed the work of 1.2 billion years of time: corundum, beryl, apetite, crystals, minerals, thus the mining boom, a short lived, explosive (literally) segment of history.