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Consumer Segments

Consumer Segments
"Connected Explorers have a psychological need to take a break from the everyday. They are a confident, youthful, optimistic group. They have a deep-seated need to travel and expose themselves to many new experiences and learning opportunities. Travel for them is about expanding their horizons and escaping the everyday." Photo credit: Trevor Lush.

Tourism investments including marketing initiatives and product development should be informed by the desire of your target consumer. This will help ensure investments can be consistently measured, analysed, re-adjusted and improved upon.

Consumer Segments

The Connected Explorer
The Connected Explorer is the target market for the Ottawa Valley and larger Ontario’s Highlands region as identified by Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization.

Ontario Research Segment Profiles
Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation (OTMPC), in partnership with the Regional Tourism Organizations and the Ministry of Tourism Culture and Sport engaged TNS Canada Ltd. to conduct the Consumer Insight Research, a large scale travel segmentation study. The research provides detailed profiles of the segments identified, including their travel motivations, interests and media habits.

Market Knowledge
Do Australians use a travel agent or book their trips on the web? How much do the Japanese spend when they vacation in Canada? Where in Canada do Americans like to visit, and when? How successful is Canada's tourism brand in the marketplace? The Canadian Tourism Commission provides market intelligence about 12 geographic markets, all in one place, which will help you find and reach consumers from specific countries.

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